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As my aunt and uncle were in town from California, we made plans to meet up with them, my parents and my other aunt for dinner at Hell's Kitchen. A very enjoyable time with good food and good company. A live show was setting up as we neared the end of our meal - we were pleasantly surprised to find out that the performer was Erin Schwab. The Boy and I have seen her show twice and think she's fantastic! So we called up a friend and convinced my family to stick around for her show. I know that we loved it, and I have a feeling my parents did to.

I'm not a spontaneous person, so to have something like this serendipitously dropped into my lap is incredible good fortune. Part of it is pure dumb luck, I know. But part of me chooses to celebrate it as a result of being connected to the city. I don't know all the secret haunts or indie poetry gatherings - I'm not up on my underground politicos or nationally recognized establishments. Still, I like to think I'm somewhere in the veins of the city, not just sitting on its skin.