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In a State of Open Rebellion
The Question
Is your business/branch/office/party missing a quirky-yet-loveable gay guy? Are you in desperate need of someone with dry-wit, thorough analytical skills, a perfectionist attitude and slightly anti-social tendencies? Do you lack that certain je ne sais quoi that only a theater major in corporate America can bring?

Then I am the man for you! Please hire me, before my current job is shipped off to India entirely.
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Methinks we need to start a business together. Mission statement: "Quirky, bitter queer kids seek to save America from itself!"

We would sell hope. Quirky, bitter, queer hope.

I. Want. Some. Now. *big scary hungry eyes*

Pay no attention to the nyquil-induced comments lurking in the corner. They'll go away when this cold/-itis does.

When you feel bad about your job, just remember--at least it's not NgithOwl!

That used to be the mantra. Now it's please don't make me have to go back there.

You are EXACTLY what I need in my department! Come join the Environmental Science graduate program at THE Ohio State University and cure me of the doldrums and banality. Please?

Offer void outside of the Twin Cities... :(

Although how awesome would it be to be hired as a University banality-eradicator?

Best. Job. Ever. And you'd be perfect for the position. :)

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