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Go boom
The Rage
I try to fix one lingering problem on an export. Something that has been there for years, since at least the last AA took it on. (Why didn't he try to fix it? Probably same reason he wrote queries to tell the carriers the last export date of member when they were just asking for the zip code to be corrected.) Dev can't find the cause, and I'm left with promoting updated executables in the hopes that the problem will disappear. Well, if that's all I got to go on, I'm gonna do the best damn testing in the dark I can!

Oops, silly me, trying to doing what's right! It's caused me to tumble down a rabbit hole with a surprise process that no one documented, no one spec'd out, no one left here asked for and no one left here programmed, has no output or record of what is actually does on to the file, was chained illogically to potentially created infinite loops, and is causing my error.

Hey SHPS! Want to know why we are made of FAIL? Because you hired assholes who made this mess, and inefficient bastards who perpetuated this mess. But don't you worry. I'm sure the upcoming workforce reduction is only going to INCREASE quality.

In other news, two electronic copies out, two hard copies in editing hands. With that part of the self-bargain closed, and this mess above, I deserve a new video game.