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I thought the second draft was supposed to be shorter?
The Dime
Ok, I have red-inked my first draft of The Seven Exorcisms of Diego Acosta and worked those notes into a second draft. At this point, I do have to admit a huge blindness to the work. I can find some grammatical errors, some lines that don’t sound right to my inner ear, and man am I still struggling with the ending. However, as far as it works as a story and an experience, I really need help. So…

Interested in being an editor/critiquer on a second draft? You can correct grammatically errors to your heart’s content, but I’m hoping for more broad reactions like: was the voice consistent, were you invested in the characters, was the story enjoyable, did you understand the action, did the ending suck hard or suck SO HARD?

What do you get out of it?
- Hopefully a good read
- A hard copy and brand new red pen
- A chance to take me down a peg
- Coffee/tea/lunch/snacks for the discussion (or just as a thank you if you’d rather hand me a red-ink document and never speak of it again)

What are the downsides?
- It’s a hefty document (93 double spaced pages currently)
- You may come to hate me/lose all faith in me as a creative writer
- I may come to hate you, because dammit, that sentence is brilliant and you just don’t get it. (Just kidding! Sorta….)

So looking that over, the benefits outweigh the downsides, yes? (I’m counting 4-to-3!) Now, while I’m sure everyone I know is gonna be on this offer like me on a slice of Oreo pie, I really can only afford two or three. It is a big document, and I can only justify printing so many hardcopies from work. So basically, if there are two or three people interested, drop me a comment and I’ll get you what you need.

Seriously, if anyone would like to take me up on this, I would greatly appreciate it, and be more than willing to return the favor on any project you may be working on and want feedback. I know that there are other avenues of obtaining critiques, but I’m new to this segment of the writing stage. Thanks for your time!

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man...i really want to do this, but my school work is killing me already. instead, i will cheer you on from afar.

cheer! cheer!


Yay! Thank you! And maybe someday you'll be able to enjoy the finished product, which may just be a more enjoyable experience.

That is--large. Um. If you do decide to go with other avenues, I recommend http://www.critters.org (online only, lots of people) and http://www.meetup.com/MNspec/ (the local SF/F critique group, which meets in person). If you end up loading it up to Critters, let me know--they've got a critique point reward system that I'm always behind on.

Duly noted. As I said, I'm new to this part, so I don't have any reference if 21,000 words is asking a lot or not. The local SF/F thing is intriguing, but I think ultimately I'm too much of a coward at this point to venture far outside of my familiar circle. Will that limit me? Probably.

I'd be willing to do it, if you want! I've done similar work on much longer manuscripts for my writing group - and I nearly survived critiquing the super horrible right-wing manifesto anti-feminist 150K novel of doooooom, so you don't scare me at all. ;)

Done! I'll have a manuscript for you next craft night!

I'll do it, if you'd like. I may not be much of a writer myself, but I'm a damn fine editor.

Thanks! I think editing is more than being a good writer - I think it's more in being a good reader.

Now, we must discuss a drop off plan. How clandenstine-sounding!

Already spoken and will speak again - I would love to do this thing for you.

Also, if you want to email it to me, I can do it all electronical.

If electronically would be better for you, we can do it that way. I just know that for me, a hard copy works better for reading, notes, compares, etc.

If you have three copies and they are spoken for, I will do electronic. If you're gonna meet up with Gildeddawn, I can make myself convenient for pickup. Whatever is the least hassle for you.

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