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I did it.

The narrator is probably inconsistent, details are more than likely missing, I've hammered some points into the ground with no sense of subtlety, the sections are feeling a little unbalanced and the ending is horrendous. I mean horrendous! But I finished my first draft of The Seven Exorcisms of Diego Acosta tonight, a short-story I started well over a year ago. Right now it's at 92 pages (Courier New, 12 pt, double spaced) and 20883 words, so maybe leaning a little more towards a novella than a short-story.

I am actually excited to print this out and red-ink it all over the place, hopefully pare it down into something a little more manageable before I ask for some harsh, kick-my-ass editing from friends and affiliates. But right now I'm just so thrilled with myself that I actually finished this. This is so incredibly huge for me.

So please forgive me if I seem a little smug over the next few days. Trust me, it'll get wiped off by the first round of "what-the-hell-was-I-thinking-when-I-wrote-this-crap" editing.

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rock on! you are super awesome!

Thanks! One day I hope it's good enough to actually share without people itching to get their red pens out.

Congratulations! I have finished draft envy right now. :D

Over a year, girl. I've been trying to kick myself in the ass to get this far for over a year... I'm hardly envy-worthy.

Yay! That's fantastic!! :D

I know! I printed it out at work today, and I just want to carry it to all my meetings. "What's that impressive stack of papers?" "Oh this? Just the first draft of my exciting new novella, bitches!"

Congrats! that's fantastic!!

It's a huge win in the category of 'keeping up on new year resolutions?'

(Deleted comment)
I totally deserve a new video game now, right? Wait, I shouldn't distract myself? There's more to do? Aw damn...

Awesome! Congrats and remember this feeling when you hit the depths of editing.

I'm actually excited about the editing? Well, except for the ending. As I may have mentioned, it is horrendous. That is when sense memory of this time is gonna be crucial.

I certify that this is rad. I am so proud of you!

Would love to be a proofer/editor, fyi.

I would love for you to be as well. I just hope you are comfortable being harsh.

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