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Martin Luther King Jr. Day Trinity or Trinity-adjacent Blog Notes!
Let me tell you something that will shock and astound you. (And just maybe leave you aghast, stunned and taken back!) My personal trinity of creator gods consists of Neil Gaiman, Joss Whedon and Tim Burton. Wow, what a diverse bunch, right? All pale white guys! Hell, Tim and Neil always seem to be sporting the same 'I forgot I have hair and thus forgot to do something with it' style. So in the spirit of that, I present my Martin Luther King Jr. Day Trinity or Trinity-adjacent Blog Notes!

- Apparently Amanda Palmer of the Dresden Dolls will be the new Mrs. Gaiman. I am upset by this mainly because I wasn't aware there was an opening and would have liked to submit my application. I'm sure the Boy would understand – I'd be pulling in Wife-of-a-Literary-Cult-Icon dollars!

- Yes, I have accepted that Dollhouse is coming to a close, which is a damn shame not only because I enjoyed it and all the fresh Joss-ness it brought, but because the Boy enjoyed it too! Still, at least this time around they have the chance to actually close the main storyline, even if it feels a tad rushed. I have to wait two weeks for the series finale, but if there's no mention of what happens to the DC house, I may actually try my hand at writing some fan-fiction. (Note: it will not be 'fic' per my limited understanding of that genre).

- I have to admit to being slightly irked that Tim Burton's upcoming Alice in Wonderland will yet again amalgamate the Queen of Hearts and the Red Queen. They are two different characters in the novels, even though they both can be viewed as antagonists. I'm all one for reinvention and reinterpretation, but for some reason this continuing problem sticks in my craw, and I'm disappointed neither Mr. Burton nor the writer felt up to the task to bringing this distinction to the new audience.

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(Deleted comment)
Thanks! Trying a different journalling style, seeing if it inspires me to write more.

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