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I've got someone who will count pomegrante seeds with me, and someone who will turn the stage lights on for me. I've got someone to trade vespers with and another to share spices with. I've got people who watch how my dice fall. I've got someone who will always ask me to dance. I've got someone who wants to take my picture.

I know mathemancers and dream-pushers, wordsmiths and book-eaters, jesters and spinners and dancers-in-the-air.

So why do I let someone I've never met make me feel inferior?

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Because it is in our nature to count the bad and not the good. Apollo himself looks at his golden halo of light and wonders if, really, he couldn't shine a little brighter.

You are, by all of my definitions, superior.

Thank you, although I’m uncomfortable with a label of ‘superior’. And you are quite right that we tend to mark our journeys with the obstacles as the markers.

also because as a not-met person, they have no depth, they are only thing things you know them for. you are more awesome than them. i know it to be true.

Thanks. I suppose it’s only fair to remember that they probably have their depths too. Maybe.

And maybe they're just teh stoopid. I'm allowed to think that occasionally, right? I don't have to be a good, benefit-of-the-doubt person all the time, do I?

I don't have to be a good, benefit-of-the-doubt person all the time, do I?

oh man. god no. i bet their farts smell like rancid cheese, and they pick their noses in pictures, and they believe in their heart that the weather being cold in winter means global warming is fake.

not-met people are MADE for thinking poorly of. you are emotionally and socially apt enough that if for some reason such person becomes known, you can give any benefit of the doubt you need.

i.e. they drool, you rule.

(Deleted comment)
It’s really hard to not let other people’s opinions of me affect my behavior. I have a very strong need to be liked and to be thought of as competent. I know I have to work on getting that feeling internally, or at least not opening up the field to EVERY person I encounter in life.

(Deleted comment)

=>Affirmation of Radness<=

I suspect it is our fine-tuned status sensors, for which I blame our monkey forbears.

I like knowing your and being in your menagerie.

Re: =>Affirmation of Radness<=

Thank you. I feel like ‘menagerie’ might be a bit of a possessive term. But then again, I am possessive of awesome people like you.

As you well know, I am not all that delicate in my speech or opinions, so the the unknown factor I say, "PBBBBBBLT"

because you are awesome and a grand addition to my life.

How eloquent! ;) I’m very much honored to know you, and am deeply envious of how you come across as one who 'got mah shit together'.

If you figure out the answer, please share, because I know that feeling all too well.

But, like everyone above, I think you're awesome, so there. ;)

Thank you. I think posting like this was helpful. Not necessarily just in the comments (though I'm grateful for each one), but also in the writing. It helps remind me of the kinds of magic out there that has been given to me.

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