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The Dime
I'm back, and I'll try and play nice, so long as people continue to do the same.

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I'm happy you're back.

I missed your beautiful words.

::hugs, nuzzles and yips::

I'm glad to see you back, hun. I hope things'll go better the second time around....

By the way, I have been meaning to ask... you once had a link to where you got your avatar icons. Do you still have it? I'd like to take a look at that site again.

Defending my adoptee

Who wasn't being nice to you? Just let me at 'em.

I'm glad you're back, sweetie.

Much lovage.
I'm glad to have this outlet to keep up (a little) with your life.
I feel like I don't know you nearly well enough, and even if this doesn't help much, it lets me hear your words.
You speak to something true.

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