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This is unacceptable. I have a long-standing post Xmas tradition, and that involves a copius amount of video gaming. And this year my fiance (squeeeeee!) bought us a PS3. Have I been losing myself for hours in the delicious graphics and outstanding art direction of Little Big Planet? No!

And why? I blame my job. Everyone around here talks like this is the quietest week of the year. Maybe my first two times around, but this year? I am getting stomped on. I get home, and I don't do anything, my whole being is just so tired. I move about listlessly, I think about things that should be done that I just don't have the energy to attempt. I've only got so much brainpower, and since I take my job so seriously, I don't have any left over for my evenings.

The simple answer would be to take time off, but suddenly here I am in a job where my tasks can't just be easily shuffled off to someone else. Plus, how on earth would I sustain my inflated sense of self-importance if I didn't act like no one could replace me even for a couple days?

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