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Because lists are easier than prose...
Singing Agathe
Things left to do to satisfy my inner Tyrant of the Holiday Season:

Buy 5 gifts (3 are just a matter of getting to the store, but 2 need brainstorming) 1 left!
Have 2 gifts delivered
Finish 1 gift-project (over half done)
Wrap above gifts - done except for 1
Get groceries for sun-dried tomato spread (tonight)
Make said spread (tonight)
Get groceries for turkey pancetta meatloaf (tonight)
Make said meatloaf (Friday)
Buy booze!

The things that are making it all worthwhile:

Dec 17th - holiday party with, as the Boy once referred to them, "The Ladies of the Geeking" Good fun, cute child, and I got to show that I can be sociable without being trashed.
Dec 19th - holiday dinner with the God-Family Nothing but win. Delicious dinner, wonderful company, more cute kids.
Dec 20th - goddaughter Lai-lai’s morning Xmas recital, my brother flies in, my aunt and uncle fly in The Xmas recital was your pretty standard nativity show, but my goddaughter stole the spotlight with her dancing. Aunt and uncle made it in, but my brother was delayed by the East Coast blizzard.
Dec 24th – Xmas eve brunch with the Boy’s family, Xmas eve dinner with my family (sans Sister Someday)
Dec 25th – Xmas morning at home, Xmas day at my grandparents', Xmas evening at the Boy’s grandmothers'?
Dec 26th? – dinner at my great-aunt's
Dec 27th – lunch with my dad’s extended family, belated Xmas with Sister Someday?
Jan 1st Holiday Open House at my parents'

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hey! we have geeky boys too!

'Tis true, but "Ladies and Gentlemen of the Geeking" gets to be a mouthful.

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