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Fairy Godfather
I am not of the Christian persuasion, although I was raised Russian Orthodox. I try to maintain a high level of respect for certain rites, because I recognize ritual and its importance, no matter the trappings. This was especially true at my best friend's Christian wedding, each year at Orthodox Easter, and my first goddaughter's baptism.

Tonight I will be attending a kind of baptism preparation class for my newest goddaughter, Isabella Grace Joslyn. While I did not get this opportunity the first time with Elaina, I am very much looking forward to it. I take my responsibilities as a godfather very seriously. I'm not the one to take Elaina to church or teach her about being a good Christian. But I am the one who will dance with her, and I want to be among those who help her to question, explore and seek throughout her life. The same is true for Isabella.

There feels like a dangerous disconnect between being a Pagan godfather to girls who will be raised Christian. I was raised that way as well, but I went seeking and found better answers for myself. I err on the side of caution, not wanting to introduce my beliefs when I think it would just confuse them. I hope tonight's class will give me a little more guidance on the modern role of a godparent, and help me navigate my responsibilities. Even if it is at the church where Isabella will be baptized, I do have a great deal of respect for my best friend's church.

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*nods* It's pretty much the same for us as well - we share pretty much the same values and have been asked to raise the girls should anything befall the parents. They just happen to be Christian, and the ceremony itself will be Christian.

The class last night made me a little uncomfortable, because there is the expectation that Sponsors will basically promise "to raise the child in Christ". I'm good at mumbling the family dinner prayer to fit my needs, but this seems different. However, had a talk with my best friend, who of course knows I'm no Christian, and she is ok with me saying those words but meaning to support her in her Christian life instead of teaching her to be a Christian.

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