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Staring Forward
Dear Lady Gaga,

1. WTF?
2. More please

Seriously, people. This is one tripped out aesthetic that the performer has wrapped herself in. I'm under no illusion that she creates it all by herself, but she does sell it. And I love it. It's acid dreams.

I'm sure the debate will continue to rage on if she's subversive, exploitative, derivative, etc. I really don't feel like participating in that debate. I just want to keep having videos like this to watch. While her music is catchy to me, it's the videos that I love. It's the fast-pace, heart-fluttering glamor in every shot that makes them worth watching again and again. They're fantastic, they're escapism, they're elephantitis of the modern age.

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That's even more surreal than most "storytelling" music videos! Yet it was strangely compelling--I felt no urge to turn it off.

Apparently, the opening costumes were inspired by Max's costume "Where the Wild Things Are", and the lyrics also use the titles to 3 Hitchcock movies. There's a lot going on in there.


I have tickets to see Lady GaGa in Las Vegas next month! I can't wait.

Since she started in New York cabarets, there's no need to say "I hope she brings it as hard as she does in the video". 'Cause girl was born to bring it, onstage or off.

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