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Seized by the Dawn
The Question
Came up with this right after waking up this morning, refined a little bit at work.

By the time Necessity was nine, her parents knew they had finally named one of their children right. Victor, once their pride and joy, turned out to be a disappointing son, husband and father. Earnest was a rake and a liar. Their eldest daughter Prudence had a wicked problem with gambling, and Chastity had died giving birth to her second child out of wedlock.

But Necessity was different. At age five she had fashioned a skeleton key to get into the locked pantry where her favorite foods were stored. At six, the nursemaid had been caught by Necessity's trap for the monster in the spare bedroom. And on her ninth birthday, a doctor had to be called in when she unveiled her automated cake-slicing device, which worked a little too well. Necessity was truly an inventor.

They hoped this boded well for their youngest child, Eloquence.

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Earnest!!! Good call!

Fun trivia. When I did penpal-ing back in high school, one of the names I used was Innocence. Try not to disturb your CubeMates with your laughter.

Can't wait to read more!

Yeah, Earnest was pretty much staring me in the face, especially when I brought up the name Algernon.

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It was going to just be a little blurb, but of course now it's already grown in my mind into something bigger.

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