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The business of growing darkness
I feel like each year I have to rediscover my relationship with October. This means the cool, the sharp, the fading, and of course the darkness. These are all things I respect, and indeed even welcome, but they come so mercilessly that I don't have time to adjust. October is like that - efficient and distant. September tries to give us one last taste of summer, though already spoiled. November meanders through unsure of whether to be winter or autumn. October does not waste time and does not spare feelings.

The nights grow dark quickly, and I find myself paralyzed. I've never been productive in the dark. I bristle at the thought of cleaning after sunset, of balancing a checkbook by electric light, of writing instead of dreaming in the stillness. But these are things that have to get done. I have to relearn, each year, how to handle the longer nights, not because I grow depressed, but because I grow too quiet. Not because I am cold, but because I am awestruck.

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(Deleted comment)
I think momentem loss is a good way to describe it. When it's 8pm and still sunny, I feel like I can pick up a task and complete it. However, when it's dark at 8pm, I don't feel like I can start new tasks.

Also, your icon makes me teh HAPPY.

(Deleted comment)
Aw, gawsh, thanks for the compliments *blushes*

I do like the snowfall effect. Truthfully, though, I prefer the nighttime tree – it has an unusual color and a beautiful shape. It reminds me of my favorite state quarter, Connecticut. The quarter depicts the “Charter Tree”, and in my opinion has the most elegant design.

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