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Crying at work - maybe this is the wrong profession
Singing Agathe
Anyone who works with me knows that I am annoyingly on top of things. I follow-up, I bother, I bug, I pester. I do NOT let things sit around. (Hell, I'm sure plenty of people outside of work can tell the same thing about me) So when deadlines come crashing down on me, and I'm doing everything I can to make it work, but I hit roadblock after roadblock after roadblock... I end up fighting back tears in leighblack's cube. All the crap that's happened with this project, I could handle with enough time. If it were all my mistakes, I would sit down and work it out no matter how late I would have to be here.

But all this is out of my control, even though the deadline is on my shoulders. I feel like falling down and not getting up. I surrender.

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*hugs* I'm having one of those days too. The "Oh shit, someone's in the other bathroom stall so I can't start crying *quite* yet" kind of day....

As someone who's done her share of crying at work the last couple of weeks ... it sucks. I'm sorry.

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