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Just wrote a wonderful two pages that I realized doesn't work with what's to come next. Rawr rawr rawr! This would have had readers' hearts stopping! But if I want the last scene to work, it can't be this powerful, this final. Glad I caught myself now, before I grew to love these pages as pivotal.

But, man, there's some detail in these pages that I just can't put anywhere else. Came to me by epiphany. Would be a shame to lose it. Ugh, I'm not used to this situation at all. Usually if a great detail is stumbled upon, I have another place I can use it, but this story has structure and tone so well defined already that it's hard to deviate.

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(Deleted comment)
It's a small two pages, so some of it just needs to be cut loose, but I'm so in love with one little detail, I think I have to do my darnedest to slip it in there somewhere. I'm also saving all of it in case I'm completely off on the reader experience and the scene does call for this level of... finality.

I do appreciate having moments like this, though, because it means that I am considering thing like tension, climax, reader experience and tone. I'm not just dumping my brain onto a page.

I always keep a "notes" document separate from the main project, which includes character continuity notes, research links, deleted scenes, soundtracks, mapping, whathaveyou. Larger projects get a folder and each subset is its own document.

People do like seeing deleted scenes. Well, some do!

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