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How I measure time
The Dime
Wait, wait, wait... are you saying that by the end of next year, everyone born in the 80s will be able to legally drink? I can't be doing that math right...

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I thought about that the other day, when I saw the sign in the convenience store that said you had to be born before September 1, 1988 to purchase alcohol. I refuse to believe I'm getting that old. Seriously!

And the signs read, what, 1991 for cigarettes? Redonkulous.

When my sister could drink legally, I gave up. My 'flabbergasted' fuse burned away into ash and nothingness. I am a ragged old crone.

"Crone" is where the power is at anyway. Let's stir up some wicked some night.

There are more of those fuses than you know. There will continue to be more.

Gee, would you like to remind me how O-L-D I am again??

No Ma'am! You are a young, pure maiden, Ma'am! Eternally 18, or Forever 21 or something like that. Ma'am!

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