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Wednesday: Domestication
The Dime
Got some making up to do with my generic writing and cleaning goals.

Wednesday, August 26th

- 1.5 hours cleaning (Another "I'll do it tomorrow" day)
- 1.5 hours writing
- Bring Buttons in for face trim
- Sew backdoor curtains
- Prep kitchen window curtains (Backdoor windows aren't what I hoped, prepped basement window curtain instead)
- Fix car stereo (demo and failure messages) (Gonna take some dashboard dismantling, which I don't feel like tackling this week)


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Wait....THE CAR STEREO ISN"T WORKING!!!! GAHHHH!! Should be a warranty in the box

The troubleshooting says it's an issue with the connection of the amps to the stereos. Everything is functioning fine, it just flashes a 'failure' on the display once in a while. I don't care, but it drives Andy crazy.

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