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Tuesday: Heavy lifting
The Dime
A little pleased with myself that I got my list complete yesterday. Hoping the momentum will continue, but the day is so delightfully dreary.

Tuesday, August 25th

- 1 hour cleaning (Only half hour, to make up Wednesday)
- 1 hour writing (Only half hour, to make up Wednesday)
- Make appointment for a face-trim for Buttons (No appt necessary, will bring him in tomorrow)
- Order new contacts (12 pairs, total out of pocket cost: $2. Win!)
- Organize and pay medical bills (I can't figured out how SHPS is tracking my HRA/FSA, so charge it all and let them sort it)
- Get oil change (Auto trans fluid and wipers as well, major cost. Boo!)
- Wash gentle cycle clothing


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hooray for productivity! I wish I had some of that.

In all fairness, yesterday's list was pretty light. Today will be the test.

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