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The Rage
Dear SHPS,

I will be out of the office starting August 24th, returning August 31st. In my absence, I do not care about any of your problems. I don't intend to be availabe via phone or email, nor will I be thinking about what might be going wrong. You've got the next week to get your problems and updates to me, and then you're stuck waiting until my return, at which point I will decide the urgency of the issues.

Thank you for driving me to this cynical state.



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The angry spirit, but yeah, it gets the job done.

(Deleted comment)
but would it be a better place if there were waffles every morning??

Ridiculously better. We should wear top hats while we make waffles at your desk. People will think we're crazy.

Umm. I'm pretty sure they already do.

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