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Ecstasy on the Piano
The Dime
Tori! Tori tori tori!

So, um, yeah... the Boy and I went to see Tori Amos last night, courtesy of our LA family. And SHE WAS AMAZING!

She really epitomizes the musician-performer for me. She knows her instruments intuitively, switching between four keyboards seamlessly within one song, caressing each verse like it's the first time she's sung it. There's a genuine joy in her body as she plays two keyboards at once, face out to the audience and eyes closed to the music. She winks at the lyrics she knows we love, she swivels her hips to get a rise out of us, she lets herself free on the piano, knowing each song is alive, and should never be the same as you hear on the CD.

I can't remember the entire setlist, which is a shame, but I remember the highlights. She opened with Give (from Abnormally Attracted to Sin), then went into Raspberry Swirl (from From the Choirgirl Hotel) which is pretty much my favorite Tori song ever. Very different live with just keyboard, percussion and guitar, but breathtaking none-the-less. She followed-up with Cornflake Girl (from Under the Pink) and I was overjoyed.

Of course she played These Precious Things and Silent all these years (both from Little Earthquakes). There was only one song sang from The Beekeeper, Jamaica Inn, and while I can understand the decision (not many songs from the album would have fit in with the high-energy that the concert was delivery) I still think it's a bit of a shame.

The end of the set was Strong Black Vine (from Abnormally Attracted to Sin), and the girl tore it up. The end of the song became so raw, so emotional. She was screaming 'mother f**ker' and 'c***sucker' in the mic and I don't remember those from the lyrics. It left the crowd in a frenzy, demanding her encore which was three songs. Opened with Body and Soul and closed with Big Wheel (both from American Doll Posse, another album I thought was underrepresented until the encore). Raspberry Swirl? Big Wheel? In the same live set? I'm in ecstasy!

Don't have as many specifics to rave about, but I'll also state that the lighting was phenomenal. That's some awesome work for a touring, smallish venue concert.

So Trevor and Jen? Thank you thank you thank you!
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hey, i just friended you, because i'm assuming you're L's friend Z. ignore me if i'm wrong. *g*

All those initials seem to line up. Are you H who is also friends with L and enjoys discussing McG?

hey, i'm cryptic because not everyone likes their personal info splashed about the internet. but you ARE right about me. (check the icon)

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