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A day lacking
Today at work, I am noticing a distinct lack of the following:

- laughter/joy/mania
- hope for a brighter, better future
- interesting work to keep me busy
- leighblack

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Wait, when is there a hope for a brighter future there?

I'll try to bring some laughter tomorrow? No promises.

Ooo, I don't know if you check work email over the weekend, so I'll include this. Hopefully I codenamed correctly:

It is with regret that I am announcing the departure of Implementation Project Manager "CubeMate in the Closet". CubeMate has decided to pursue an opportunity outside of SHPS. His last day will be Friday, July 24th.

That twerp! I knew he was up to something. Interesting...

Just so you know, I'm still in my jammies. ha ha

There is also a distinct lack of jammies going on here today.

Under duress, I have showered and dressed since I have to run to the grocery store.

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