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CON talk: The pictures
I don't often bring my camera with me. I'm always afraid of breaking or losing it. And then I wouldn't be able to take any pictures. Which I don't anyway because I don't bring my camera... I think you can see where this is going.

As a result, the following pictures are blatanly stolen from postings of leighblack and seimaisin. So enjoy if you're curious about what me and my peeps did, but some of you shouldn't bother clicking in, as it will just be more of the same:

On Friday night, it was theme-free, so we weren't cohesive. We were just hot.

Here is the party that set out from Room 369 in costumed glory to claim the night! From left - Jaime, me, Leigh, Alex and Leah.





Me. Twice. Cause I'm that vain. (You know it's true)

Drea and Bren, who joined up with us later.

And heavy drinking...

...did ensue.

Saturday night was the real party. We had a theme - ZOMBIE PIRATES! YARRRRRRBRAAAAAAINS! And I just want to say that we kicked ass. At least from what I remember...

This is the crew of the Nameless, ship of the most damned and distrubingly attractive undead brigands you will ever know. From left to right - Andy, Laura, Jaime, Leah, Leigh, Bren, Alex, Michelle and me.

Another crew shot, sans Andy. Because damn Bren looks viscious!

Cap'n Legend takes no prisoners, bitch!

First mate Jaime gonna blunderbuss you back to the stone age!

Leah's the navigator. Not sure anyone told her that, which may explain how we ended up in the room with the Vodka Tang shots?

Security enforcer Alex drowned, thus leaving her the best preserved of all of us.

Zombie Michelle says: Come over here and say that. And brains.

Andy and Bren in death as they were in life... hungry to plunder?

The poor, hapless cabin boy...

...who died of spankin'!

You and the cap'n make it BRAAAAAINS!

And drinking...



So I think I will try to take pictures next year. Not just because I want to capture the awesomeness myself, but also because it's a nice compliment to hear "can I take your picture?" and I'd like to pay that compliment a lot next time. It was nice when I got asked.

Also, if anyone featured in these pictures is uncomfortable with being posted publically, the caption or any such detail, give me a holla in the next post.

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Don't let Bren fool you. She's the most evil one of us all.

Surely you're joking. There was no alcohol involved this weekend at all.

That Bubba Keg is filled with Holy Water, right?

riiiight...Holy Water

I found another photo I don't remember taking. We look fierce.

When I saw you in your zombie pirate costume with the bottle in your hand, on your second night, I thought, "Wow, Zach is really taking to this CON thing quite handily".

Well, if I hadn't had my crew with me, I doubt I would have gotten up the courage to do it. It was awesome to go with a group of people, and randomly meet up with even more people I know.

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