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CON: LJ sighting review
Sluagh Rock
CON was a fantastic experience, and completely kicked my ass. I'm just proud I woke up this morning and it only took 2 minutes to remember what happens next. ("Oh, that's right, I have a job. I get up most mornings and go to that job.")

I hope to write a couple of mini reviews of my experience. First, because it is the easiest, a shout out to all LJ moniker-holders who I shared my weekend with. Probably missing a few becaused I don't know your LJ. Holla at me.

leighblack, without her constant presurring, I never would have taken the chance.
The other ladies of 369: carleton97, seimaisin, and sister_wolf.
Other crewmates of the pirate ship Nameless: duckduck and taylorea.
Other sightings and covortings: cloudscudding, half_double, gunn, discoflamingo, lyda222.

It's early, so we'll see if I remember any more as the day goes by. Overall, though, I ran with a fabulous crew and was overjoyed to randomly run into or spot others that I know. Made it a very welcoming experience.
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I hope your morning is going okay. I can't believe I'm awake right now, although I am cheating since my laptop is in bed with me.

Perhaps you could take a little leap and friend some of the crew? I know duckduck specifically mentioned wanting to lj friend you, but seemed to be hesitant for some reason. Everyone adores you though (and uhhh, you may have been sobbing some of the same sentiments =P) so I wouldn't think it would be unwanted.

I am SO GLAD you spent the weekend with us. I can't imagine how we would have had any more fun than we did and you were a big part of why it was so fantastic.

I have to admit I'm shocked to see anything from you before noon.

The Nameless have been friended. I suspect I'm very similar to duckduck in that I have been hesitant to do the same. This weekend changed that a lot (probably in no small part thanks to my drunken ramblings).

I can't thank you enough for driving me to push my boundaries. I'm already excited about next year.

Well, I am still in bed, even though I've been awake for almost three hours now. Soon it will be time to get up and begin the day though.

You're welcome? I mean really, I can only do so much. You're the one that had to take the jump. And I never would have pushed if I didn't see something in you that was worth the effort. I hope you know that.

(Deleted comment)
And we were such, such drunken fools!

I'm super thrilled that you got a chance to come to CON events with us. My best friend has a 3-year-old, and a baby on the way, so I know how difficult it can be to find time for your own activities.

2010, year of SteamPunk, yes yes?

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