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Fade and pale
If recently you have found that I have 'unfriended' you, you make rant and rave against me here.

I don't really have a clear rhyme or reason to my decisions. I don't have to. I don't mean to offend, and it really is nothing personal - I'm not mad at or disgruntled with anyone. Time simply changes things.

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Time does change things. Take care of yourself.

you are far braver than me.:) i've become phobic towards anything that could potentially become drama-ey. (dramatic?)

I have the same phobia. You can see all the hedging and the hemming in my post, and the fact that I posted at all.

I do miss you, though we have grown far apart over the years.
I hope life continues to treat you at least decently (maybe even bless you with a high-paying theater job? ha!). Hugs to the dogs and the boyo.

Life continues to give me opportunities. I just need to get the courage to take them. Hope that things are well with you.

What everyone else said. Would you think it's weird if I keep following your public posts? I don't keep in touch with many people and it's nice to hear what's going on from time to time, even if it's mostly silently and one sided. If that bugs you I certainly won't mind stopping.

I don't mind. It's a little voyeuristic, but LJ public posts are made with a little exhibitionist intent. ;)

True that. Hope you continue to be well. :)

No worries. You need to do what you need to do for where you are at with your life currently. I am sorry that we have gotten out of touch. I have become a bad correspondent over the years, which didn't used to be true when I was younger, but I had so much less busy scheduling mess then. It is funny, but I have been a total holdout about Facebook. Something about it just feels, well, weird. LiveJournal is a little more approachable to me, and you can be more selective (this opinion is based on zero knowledge of Facebook, mind you), as it isn't treated as a networking tool. I know someone who has apparently started some sort of huge family drama because she won't friend someone on Facebook. That just sounds like so much Not Fun. I post some public posts here because I have a few people who read that aren't on LiveJournal. Mostly, I now treat it as a way to keep in a touch a bit with some people from school that I don't talk to much and haven't seen in a long while, but still care about and want to know are doing well. Maybe I will give in to Facebook sometime here, but it just feels like it is too big in some respects. On the other hand, perhaps I will manage to reconnect with some people I have been further out of touch with, which would be nice. Not sure how I feel about the extremely public web presence though.

Anyhow.... long story short, I hope that you come to whatever you need to in terms of making a decision about how to run your journal and that you are comfortable with your decision. I enjoy hearing tidbits of your life now and then, but mostly I just wish you well, and understand that we have drifted.

Much love and many blessings to you.


Friends come and go, but enemies accumulate.

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