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Fear of imperfection
Singing Agathe
It's been almost 6 months since I've worked on my Diego piece. In fact, since then, I think the only piece of substantial writing I've done was background work for game (doesn't really count as it is not story-telling voice, more 'encyclopedia' voice) and a joke slashfic for leighblack.

I have a fear of my own imperfection. I do not start for fear of not living up to my own expectations. It is easier to not try than to try and fail. I am always quick to make the easy choice. I am swift to the fast judgement.

But I wrote today. Maybe my magic isn't completely gone.

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I have the same fears about "imperfect" writing. What I tend to do is get someone to agree to read it for me and tell them a deadline. Deadlines really help you get past "it has to be perfect" and move to "it has to be done, but not perfect". Perfect can always come later.

I couldn't agree more about the motivation of deadlines. The only reason Diego is in written form at all is that I had a deadline for my writing class last fall. But I do need that other person as well. I promised myself I wanted it done before the end of May, but somehow didn't even get up the nerve to start again until June.

Give yourself a deadline and I will read it if you want

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