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Singing Agathe
Yesterday, a very good friend of mine told us that she was moving back to Texas. Things had gotten just too difficult up here, mainly on the job front, and she needed to go home to regroup. Knowing her, when she does leave Texas again, she probably won't be coming back up here either.

I'm very crushed by it. I feel like we have been close for many years, but just lately we've had the opportunities to go even closer. She was opening up about her gaming, meaning I could too. She was just exploring a pagan spirituality, which I wanted to help her in, or at least watch her grow. Those sorts of things are still possible, I suppose, but a lot harder long-distance, compared to the once-a-week we talk face-to-face now.

It's much harder on her, I'm sure. Still, sucks. I feel like this isn't over, either. I have this gut feeling that more friends are going to leave in the near future, and I haven't done enough to hold onto them.