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A thousand cuts
Singing Agathe
Some mental, some medical, some financial. Among the things I may need to just shelf are any (as yet unmade) plans for my 5 year Mac Reunion. I'm sad, but it's causing me too much worry to try and plan it. I've got a lot to schedule and pay for right now, and my anxiety is at suspiciously high levels.

My life consists of dental cavities to fill, a colonoscopy to endure, a West Coast wedding to attend, a house to clean, a bathroom to refinish, an OE to process at work, and a thousand other little cuts.

Sad thing is in the face of all this adversity, I tend to run and hide. And how does that make anything better?

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Someday at some point from now, let's go on a walk and chat... sans the frigid arctic air.

Hope all goes well for you soon.

Need more stories to tell my housewives so I can fill their emptiness with insightful hilarity.

American Gay and the Mix-up at the Morgue: Another Tale for Japanese Housewives, by Rick Marsh. You'll make a killing.

I let out a healthy chuckle.
If I ever make a book, I might have to credit you with monies should "Another Tale for Japanese Housewives" make it big.

Now may not be the best time to ask, but how go the writings from your writing class?

Hey there! Sorry to hear that things are being rough and hard to deal with. Where on the West Coast will you be? If by some strange chance you will be in Portland and need a place to crash, let me know.

The wedding is all the way down in San Diego, so a bit far from Portland, but the offer is appreciated.

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