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Injury in the house
Muted Real
I was gonna be 'wham, bam' productive today, getting out of the house early to run errands and all that wonderful stuff.

However, when I got home last night, Buttons was limping - most pointedly not using his front right paw. Sometimes his joints catch and he hobbles about for a minute or so, but this was bad. He tried to walk while keeping his paw high in the air. He was also shaking, meaning he was pretty upset about the pain while both the Boy and I were at work. He visible calmed down once we both were home.

So Buttons has a vet visit today around noon, in which they'll probably give him a shot and a pill. My productivity is kinda shot, because I can't leave him home alone in this condition. Nor do I feel like I can really do much around the house. Both dogs have the need to follow me around the house, no matter if I'm just going downstairs to grab a towel. I don't want Buttons trying to follow me around in his condition, so I'm gonna be staying put as much as possible.

While I mourn the loss of productivity, I'm still much more concerned that Buttons gets the treatment he needs and is in the least amount of pain until he gets it.

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I hope that the vet visit goes well and Buttons heals up fast. Pets having health problems really is difficult. You can't explain anything to them and they can't tell you what happened.

Exactly. They don't know the meaning of bed rest or 'tell me where it hurts'.

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