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Muted Real
We're flying out to Vegas tonight. The puppies are already at Andy's parents'. Andy is home from work yet. I'm exhilirated about the trip, but the house seems so... empty. Feeling the limbo.

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Work is going to seem so empty for the next few days too. =/

Have fun!!

Hey! How about not texting me at 1:15 am? Jackass. :O

j/k You know I love you.

Can't wait to hear all about your trip! You missed out on the snow. Lucky you.

Oops! Guess I miscalculated the time zone difference... but are you telling me you weren't up at 1:15 am playing Bejeweled?

noooooo...it was the first night in like a week that I actually went to bed at a normal time. And I was doing some hardcore sleeping until my phone went off. But I forgive you. Maybe.


I hope you are staying some place fabulous!

The Stratosphere... not dripping in elegance, but it was really just a place to sleep and keep our stuff. Plus on the other end of the strip from the last time we were there, so afforded us a chance to see different parts of Vegas.

Re: Luxor?

The Stratosphere is a nice place, and it has easy access to the mono-rail in Vegas. Did you do the power-shot thrill ride on top of the Stratosphere? OMG, that is scary. I have done it twice.

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