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The plans of the universe
Staring Forward
To keep my soul in regards to my job, I've tried to stay connected to the creative endevours that I enjoy. I was in a play in the early part of 2008, worked the Jeune Lune on and off in the spring, took a dance class in the summer, and my phenominal writing class this past fall. I took the winter off from artistic pursuits because I was feeling overwhelmed, but winter is fading and spring approaches. My mother asked me recently if I had found my 'creative project' for the spring.

TRP just called me to update their lists and to get me back involved in tech work. Gonna take it to heart, gonna see what I can do. Can't be afraid that I've atrophied to the point where I'll be useless. Cause I feel like there was a reason the call came at this point.

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I had a dream last night you came to visit us. For some reason it involved an RV, but the key point was that you had some *very important* creative work you wanted to show off. :)

I feel like I need to work to live up to your dream now. Must...create... brilliance.

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