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Bullet attack!
The Dime
**POW** I ended up buying 3 video games for myself on Sunday, an unheard-of indulgence. This is my first foray into the 'play two games concurrently' realm of gaming. Animal Crossing: City Folk for Wii (yeah, yeah, go ahead and mock me), Persona 4 for PS2 (which so far has been... weird), Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories for PS2 (the one I haven't started yet).

**BAM** I just remembered that we have game on Saturday and I need to level up Yan-Hesh. Minor panic attack, because I feel like I should be plotting out some sort of ability/feat/class path for him, while up to now my leveling has been very reactionary. Plus this is my first stat boost level, and I know I'm gonna make the wrong call and my sucky monk is just gonna stay sucky. But well-developed, character-wise. "I attack with my fleshed-out motivations and detailed backstory. Critical!"

**MINT** Buttons will get a clinical teeth cleaning on Friday. THANK GOD. They're gonna put him under and everything. And because we're super-gays, the Boy took Friday off so that Zipper wouldn't be alone all day at home.

**WHAMMO** Sauced, the new upscale restaurant in my parent's neighborhood, has closed their doors after only a little over a year of being open. It sucks, because it was a real gem in that part of town. Additionally, the Boy and I go out to eat once a month with a dinnerclub group type thing, and Sauced was this month's choice. It was scheduled for this Saturday. We're trying to shift to Erte in NE, but we'll see how many can make the shift.


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Man the Persona series is ultra weird. Kinda fun when you get used to it though. And I hear the characters in 4 are way more interesting than they have been in previous installations. Either that or they're way more ...interesting. If my attempt to convey inflection through lifeless text is understandable there.

I'm with you 100%. I've beaten it (with the BEST ENDING!) and am now playing it AGAIN because I'm a giant nerd. But seriously it's a great game. I have a super soft spot for Chie in particular, but I think all the characters in 4 are awesome (I liked most of the ones in 3, too, except for Ken because he was a wiener, BUT the cast of 4 seems more - real. I guess).

It IS super weird though. I can safely say I've never played through any levels like it has in any other game. BATHHOUSE FTW.


I didn't know "Sauced" was closed already!! I never got a chance to go there. I haven't tried "Erte" either.

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