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Worn away
Singing Agathe
I know that I shouldn't complain - at least I have a job, at least I get paid a decent wage, at least I don't have to work more than a half-an-hour overtime on any given day or take my work home with me.

Still, work has been hard on me lately. I feel drained when I get home in the evening. I'm sure the winter isn't helping either, adding to the sense of isolation, hesitation and surrender. Low lit hours are cruel to me this year, the night is nothing more than life suppressed.

We'll sing again, one day. We place all our hope in Junes, in Saturday mornings, in someday.

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The thing about this place is that there's just absolutely no reward. I mean, certainly my unemployed friends would say that getting a steady pay check is reward in itself. True. But there's just no sense of accomplishment. No days where I go home thinking "I did a good job today." Everyday is just the same thing. More work, more problems/issues/fires, more of being short staffed. No satisfaction.

But yet we're still here.

It's weird to write comments to you when I know I could just walk over to your desk. =/

Yeah, I can't remember a day when I left thinking "Yes, I accomplished something". I get plenty done, but if you've got a chain of fires, you stop noticing each one, and just focus on getting to the next one.

This place is weird.

I said to the person I assist at work on Monday, "Do you ever feel like our job is to reduce Mt. Everest to a pile of rubble with only a pickaxe?" She said, "Yes. Also, the phrase 'herding cats' comes to mind."

I don't envy that regard of your job - dealing with a constant change and influx of people. My job is frustrating because it seems like there should be an end to it. I should be able to get all the problems fixed, maybe deal with a one off issue once in a while. Nope. Everything is breaking all the time. Always.

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