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The Question
I just need to vent. All the gay sites reporting on sci-fi shows (yes, there are some) are anxious to know if the male-male relationship revealed in the webisodes will carry over to the rest of the season.

My opinion? No. It won't. Here's why:

The commentary by writer Jane Espenson said a couple things, the most important being that the webisodes were produced AFTER the rest of the series, as well as the extra movie. So although chronologically the websides sit in the middle of season 4.5, they were written retroactively.

Ok, that set's the stage. Now, the other facts? They looked through old footage and could only find one real moment of contact between the characters to insert into the webisodes as background. The secondary player in the relationship was not their first choice, but they couldn't get the actor for that character. The relationship is ended at the conclusion of the webisodes (a nice writer's trick to ensure that nothing gets contradicted in the earlier produced, later viewed episodes).

As much as it sucks, it seems obvious to me that this relationship is not going to be seen in the main series. My main frustration is that no one seems to be putting these facts together! Seriously folks, insert a little brain power. Or obsession, like me.

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Nevermind, I googled Jane Espenson. Man, I want her career.

Although is it just me, or is her last name either really unfortunate or really awesome or possibly both?

I think we could split it and STILL be totally awesome.


Gaiman's 'Graveyard' to be a movie, too

Director Neil Jordan will adapt the Newbery-winning book for the big screen.

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