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Holiday round-up
Muted Real
So most of the time, I'm thankful that for Andy and me, family is close. But come the holidays, it means we're a little tired by the end:

Wednesday, December 24th - took the day off - spent the afternoon until early evening with Andy's immediate family, then over to my immediate family until around 11pm.

Thursday, December 25th - spent the morning together, spent the afternoon to evening with my Dad's side of the family, then spent a few hours in the later evening with Andy's dad's side of the family.

Friday, December 26th - worked a full day, but went out to lunch with coworker - spent the evening at my parents' annual Holiday open house

Saturday, December 27th - I had off, but Andy worked full day - evening spent at Andy's mom's side of the family.

Sunday, December 28th - no work for either of us, but massive runnings around due to returns/gift cards/promises of new desk and chair that he had to pick out.

Monday, December 29th - half day for me, Andy off, another lunch with my old team - big shopping trip for New Year's Eve Party.

Tuesday, December 30th - half day again for me, Andy working full day, yet another lunch with a different coworker - spent the evening cleaning house for next day's party.

Wednesday, December 31st - 'nother half day, Andy working full day, though different schedule - ran from work to Saint Paul to meet up with Japanman. Returned home, made dinner for four, had small party of close friends, went to bed around 3:30am.

Thursday, January 1st - nothing. Blessed, glorious nothing.

What's coming up:

Friday, January 2nd - full day for me, half day for Andy - tradeoff with brother in evening - he'll install my new car stereo while Andy gives his girlfriend a haircut. Out for drinks, cause they live in California, and we don't see each other enough.

Saturday, January 3rd - nothing holiday related. Maybe game, maybe not, but at some point we're gonna have to dig through Santa's loot.

Sunday, January 4th - brunch with the River Falls family, my mom's side. A little nervous, cause this is the first time Andy is meeting anyone from that side of the family. I know, a little sad, after nearly 6 years, but it is what it is.

And then the holiday stuff is done. Unless you count my company holiday party and Andy's salon's holiday party, both very removed from December because both out industries are crazy busy this time of year.

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