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A new face
The biggest news from Christmas is the retirement of Vanyel, trusted desktop computer of mine for the past seven years. Yes, snigger if you must, but I'm not a tech head, and since he was doing the minimal things I was asking of him, we got along fine for over half a decade. However, it is time for him to rest, and stop hearing me curse his name everytime he crashes.

Now, I have Equinox. I am nervous about this, because it seems like so much could go wrong. We're not familiar with each other yet - we haven't figured out each other's mood. But hopefully this new relationship will last another seven years.

Thank you Vanyel. Welcome Equinox.

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I am always glad to hear that computers have lived a long life.

This is because I still think of computers like pets (say, a cat), which some people find a little creepy.

I have a very personal connection with my computer - hence when the 'name your computer' field came up, I took it very seriously. I think I paced about for a good while before accepting Equinox.

You decided on a good name, I think. Quenya?

Oh, nevermind. Read all comments... Now I see. ;) It just seems so Quenya-esque.

It's definitely not creepy.

Vanyel, eh? Mercedes Lackey "Magic's" trilogy reference perchance?

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