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The Dime
Car situation - purchase made, financing reshuffled (so I've lost the warranty and my payments have gone up, but at least I can still afford the car), car still in the shop due to the damage done by the dealership, but I was assertive about my displeasure and got a loaner car until my purchased car is repaired. Stress lifted, because I'm under my own power again.

Snowblower situation - still not working, which sucks considering the amount of snow that dropped yesterday. I'll try to take off early today to see about getting the machine fixed, and get to shoveling before the sun goes down.

Tonight's plans - shovel, clean, write angry (yet respectful) letter to my credit union over my displeasure on the loan situation, move some money, pay some bills, and write, write, write! I have a feeling my teacher might kill me if I go to class tomorrow and tell her I haven't written a thing since I passed out my piece three weeks ago.


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