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The Rage
Bought myself a 'new' car today - a 2002 Hyundai Sonata. Boy, was I excited that I could get a newerish, well-maintained car for $30 less a month than I was prepared to spend! But then they took it through their carwash and fucked it up for me. Ripped the antenna off and ran the front driver-side tire into something that punched the tread of the tire into the wheel or something weird like that. I drive it off the lot, and my heart sinks, because the wheel is wobbling - something it was most definitely NOT doing during the test drive. My dad notices on the drive home (driving separately) that the wheel is wobbling. We immediately drive back to the dealership, and they are astounded. How could this have happened?

So there's a list of things they are going to repair for me (at no cost), but can't get to it until Monday. So I have a car, but I don't. Hurray.

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Yeesh, assholes. At least they're fixing it for free.

Very true. Just very unsatisfying end to a very draining day.

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