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Ok, so I didn't post about this because I didn't think it would be a big deal:

I have one main client at work - it's the client I was hired to work on, it was supposed to consume 40 hours a week. This hasn't been happening since around March. So I've been doing a lot of training in other departments, learning what an Associate Analyst does for the other teams. To keep my brain occupied, I've been handed several other clients to manage eligibility. I've learned a hell of a lot.

Now, on my team, we all know our days are numbered. The client is taking in house all the data off our system by March of 2009. We will literally have nothing to do then, and chances are good that our jobs will just be terminated. Foreseeing this, we have been encouraged to look for other opportunities within the company. I applied for an Associate Analyst position on another team. There's basically nothing new for me as far as tasks - just a new set of clients. That's why I thought it wouldn't be anything big, and just kinda kept it to myself.

I was told I got the job on Friday. And would be getting a 16% raise. I was, and still am, dumbfounded. Pretty scared now, too, because I'm worried that maybe I got into something I'm not prepared for? Of course, I'm the paranoid type, especially when it comes to my own performance.

New job starts a week from tomorrow. This all seems to be happening a bit fast.

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Awesome. Sounds like it will basically be the same work for more money from what you're saying...best of all worlds.

That's my current interpretation, which sounds too good to be true. Thus the apprehension.


If it is different from the work you are doing, I have faith that you will be able to learn enough to make it happen.

Thanks much. It's sometimes hard for me to take to heart votes of confidence in my abilities, but I appreciate them none-the-less.

That's fabulous! You're going to be rich! (For about a month or so, until you adjust and it stops being quite so fabulously new and vunderbar.)

And you nailed it right on the nose. It's gonna be a great first few months, and then it starts with the "Where does all my money go?"

Congratulations! I understand feeling nervous, but consider that they think you are worth the extra money and want to retain you. Despite those of us who feel many people could do our jobs, good employees are hard to find.

Thanks. I'll try to keep all that in mind. I just know that my company has a bit of a habit of overworking the competent employees.

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