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Crawling through the Ballot
The Cardinal
I did it. I made decisions for tomorrow for every challenged race on my ballot. They don't feel superficial either - even for Soil and Water, I did some research and came up with my candidate of choice.

There are only two races really giving me troubles - Associate Justice of the Minnesota Supreme Court (Seat 4), and 4th District Court Judge 58. The first, because I'm not fond of either candidate - so I'm gonna do a write in, to at least voice my conscious decision to not support either. The other... I just don't feel like there's enough to go on. One or the other, it honestly does not matter in my mind. So rather than go with whimsy, I do withhold my vote on that race.

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ooh, you were electing soil and water conservation district members? awesome, my dad's a member and he says people never run. kudos to mn.

Yeah, but then we get candidates like this guy. For Soil and Water!

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