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Singing Agathe
Started writing The Seven Exorcisms of Diego Acosta last night. Still a working title, but how's it coming, cloudscudding? I have a rough outline of the entire story, though the specific events aren't concrete, vs. Eve's story in which the events are hard coded, but I don't know where they are leading to.

My issue now is I think the things gonna end up at a weird length. Too long for a short story, too short for a novel. Is there something in between?

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Novella? I wrote something about ~60 p. long in high school. It still rattles around my brain occasionally, although its actually being complete in the sense of having beginning, middle, and end makes it trouble me less than that other world I mentioned to you.

What's the forum for novellas? Short stories go in magazines or collections, novels get published on their own, but novellas? *shrugs*

This definitely has a structure - seven exorcisms to go through, so its easier to hang stuff on.

Seems like Dreamers have a harder time writing stories - the Daydreamers spend too much time in their worlds to be able to give just a small slice, and Nightdreamers have logic that doesn't always translate.

I like it!

Oh, and novellas have some markets just for them, but mostly are either published in a) the few magazines without length limits, or b) printed in a POD/ebook format.

Novellas are actually a great length for ebooks.

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