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In sets of three
Three points on my writing:

1. Tried completely rewriting the opening chapter of Eve's story. Love my first sentence, but the rest? Ick, yuck, boo! I just cannot find the way to introduce the character and setting and still lay down the plot points I need, all while keeping the pace from dragging down into 'are we there yet?'

2. So discouraged with getting a chapter of Eve ready for critique that I may try my hand at something less fleshed out in my brain – the seven exorcisms of Guillermo Torres - (working title only)

3. Did a little free writing before class. Delved into another story in my brain, one that I tried to write after college in the form of a play. Still think it would work best as a script, but it was interesting to explore some details in prose. I noticed a habit of mine in character and plot: take a powerful trio, get rid of one member (through death, misplacement, other circumstances) and throw the other two in the path of the main character. Naturally, the powerful trio is usually a representation of a Trinity Goddess. No one's surprised there, I'm sure.

Ghost was everything is brother Hero was not. Shy, soft-spoken, more interested in recording great events than participating. That was why Ghost lived in Monday, while Hero's grand estate sat proudly at Noon in Sunday. Hero's eternal companion was Celebration, a radiant and giving lady. Ghost's companions were his books. And Merlot.

In his youth, Merlot had wanted to be an oracle. The people of Saturday, where he has been born, had all but promised that he would grow up to be a seer, to be taken into Athena's service and be forever blessed. It had not happened. Visions eluded him no mater how he sought to catch them. So slowly, he had found his way to Monday, to Ghost's quiet library.

They made a strange pair, Ghost and Merlot. Ghost would write throughout the day of his brother's adventures; monsters vanquished, corrupts lords toppled, villagers freed from torment. His soft eyes lovingly caressed each word. He cherished the story itself as letters than as fact. Merlot, however, hadn't given up on the dream of foretelling the future, and was in the process of refusing his eyes in an effort to see beyond. In his self-imposed blindness, he was exceptionally chatty, in stark contrast to Ghost's reserved whispers.

Hero's victories always led to a parade, the lady Celebration at his side. Those parades inevitably traveled through Monday on their way to Sunday Noon. And inevitably, the crowds gathered, and Ghost and Merlot would watch from the sidelines, Ghost describing all the action for Merlot's eager ears.

Then, after Hero had overthrown the Iron Beasts and freed the people of those lands, two figures arrive in Monday, trailing in the wake of Hero's parade.

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That is an awesome working title. My only problem with it is that "Guillermo Torres" sounds a bit close to "Guillermo del Toro" to my ear.

Oo, that's a very good call. Ah well, working title for a reason.

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