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Notes on writing
The Dime
Yeah, I've got a lot of time on my hands this week to muse on my writing. It's one of the best parts of this (sadly-soon-to-be-over) week off from work.

First, everything I've written in attempts to turn Eve's story into a novel is crap. Crap! While it has brought me to great places, and helped me to develop plot points, all of it needs to be hacked away. I've turned my feisty, edgy main character into a wallflower, into a receptacle for infodump. At first, I thought I would have to rewrite all the scenes I had created and try to make her more active. Last night, I realized that my problem was I was writing the wrong scenes.

I still want to go from A to B to C to D, but that's real time. In novel speed, sometimes I think you need to describe the journey from A to B in great detail, but B to C can be 'they walked to the park', and the detail can start again in C to D. At least, that's my impression currently. And my problem is that A to B and C to D are boring in this story that I'm telling. B to C is where Eve can be a badass, where she walks and talks and curses and shows herself to be the rocking character. Standing in line to get into a club? What was I thinking, making that the focus? No wonder Eve has lost her mojo.

Another fix would be to shift into first person, but for some reason I want to avoid that.

Secondly, on the topic of names. In class last night, we talked about characterization, and names came up, albiet very briefly. It was one of those moments in which I want to speak up and turn the class into a discussion, but I get the vibe from a lot of people in the room that this should be a lecture forum, not a discussion forum.

I obsess over names. While writing that huge chunk a few nights ago, I spent a good half an hour trying to find an English phonetic spelling for the Arabic word for 'fire'. You see, the club is a part of the House of Clubs - the suit of Clubs being tied to the suit of wands and the element of fire - and its the home of Asher - named after the Egyptian (and Liberian) god of the oasis, closely tied to Set. (Set is represented in the story by Asher's ex-boyfriend Drake, Set being associated with the serpent Apep in the evolution of Egyptian mythology - also, Drake is the serpent in the garden for Eve. Drake isn't a tempter, though, any more than Eve is subservient (there is no Adam), or Lucy (Lucifer) is a fallen host, or Seth is Eve's apocryphal third son.) So I ended up going German and named the club the EldenKlubb, based on what a translation site told me.

Whew! But that's seriously how my mind works. There is such an amazing power in names to me that I take my gifts as a Namer very seriously. (Such gifts are self proclaimed, so I realize that maybe I actually suck at it.)

So today I actually talked with the boy about the third fairy godmother. I've had the names Paisley and Argyle forever, since the first draft. The third one, though, I've never been able to properly name. She was Tassel for a while, but it just didn't fit. The Boy suggested Dot, but it seems out of place. I'm starting to toss around the name Brocade in my head to see if I like it. It's just frustrating since Paisley and Argyle came so easily.

Um... that's all. Thanks for listening.
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Tartan (along with plaid) seem a little too visually similar to Argyle for me. Houndstooth (along with herringbone) are both very strong names, but invoke a certain masculinity that wouldn't work for the fairy godmother. I didn't mention that they are drag queen fairy godmothers.

I appreciate the suggestions, though. That's shamelessly why I posted the bit about them.

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