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On the subject of my writing
The Dime
So in all technicality, I am not required to bring in any work to be critiqued in my Sci-Fi/Fantasy writing class. I am signed up to be critiqued by the class, though, and I feel it's a great motivation. I want to do it. I'm also schedule to be the last one to offer myself up on the altar - I won't pass out my piece until the end of November (and then everyone goes on Thanksgiving break.)

I thought I wanted to redo Eve's story as a true, honest-to-goodness first chapter of a novel type thing. She started as just a small part of a Fight Club piece, in which I combined maiden-mother-crone imagery with Garden of Eden stuff, broken into small vignettes. I then expanded her story, most likely due to a desire to write urban fantasy like Neil Gaiman. She was my project for my Craft of Writing Fiction class in college. For midterm, her story was intended as the first chapter of something greater. By the end, the final result was a short story that sought to stand on its own legs.

Since then, I know how the grander story goes. I have tried writing that novel, but continue to hiccup over this short story, and how it relates. I love what I created for the short story, but it would have to be torn apart to turn it back into a novel. There's good stuff in the first draft, but it's not as powerful as the short story. I don't know how to incorporate, or if I even should. Should I bring the short story for critique as is, despite being, oh, 6 years old? Should I try to completely rewrite it, as much as that seems to me to be killing a perfectly healthy baby of mine?

Or do I just try something else entirely? Do I wipe the slate clean and just start typing? Advantage? No expectations for myself, no history to tangle the web. Disadvantage? Will I find something with enough potential?

The last class was about ideas. I have no lack of ideas. They all just tend to get tripped up on each other trying to get out the door.

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Have you considered a new scene/vignette in the same world as the short story? I have a world that I keep on coming back to, same few characters, etc. Originally I was going to turn it into a novel, and in theory I still could someday. But the piecemeal nature of the thing means I can really start writing anywhere in the timeline and where is not particularly important.

As far as 'cranking that shit out' goes, this is a good idea. (I mean that in a sense of getting me writing, getting me back in the world, getting me something fresh and current to my skills goes) I just have to treat it like a middle chapter, or I'm gonna be stuck with the questions of backstory and such.

Ok... randomly... Eve and Lucy and the club... the night they meet the Dragon. Here we go!

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