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This is how I like to roll...
From the author who brought you The Molecular Blasphemy and Photon Cradle, comes another thrilling, sci-fi novel backblurb!

Blackbody Gospel

For her help in wresting a key artifact from two radical groups, Kierstii Redbluegreen has been given a free pass in Parliamentary Space – she can go anywhere the Parliament’s arm can reach. With her brother Vindicat in tow (still just a personality downloaded onto the galactic server), Kierstii decides to visit the brassy and commercial Fhalterine system. It seems like the last place to run into any more of the trouble that has plagued her for the past three years.

But even on a world like Fhalterine Prime, Kierstii finds herself pulled back into the struggle between Mary’s Crusade and the Giddeonai. Each side bizarrely regards her as a hero, despite her role in their downfall months ago. They claim she is the inheritor of a dangerous, but potentially crucial body of knowledge – a gift from her time inside the Photon Cradle. Some ask her to preach, others ask her to lead, and all she wants to do is enjoy her vacation. Yet Kierstii has to admit something is growing inside her mind, and it’s not just Vindicat’s impatient cries that they should jump into the middle of things again

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Awesome. Some books just made me to-read list.

That would be me.

Er... well, I'd have to write them first...

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