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I have a very materialistic nature, especially when it comes to things like video games and books. Y'know, stories. I have this need to own the physical. I want the book on my shelf, even if it will be years before I read it again. I want the disc in my control. These objects become dross to me, the objective space in which my dreams gather, grow, spin and rest.

It is most fortunate that I am also incredibly tight with my money when it comes to personal items. I try to buy new, but never at first offering. And by the time my desires are down to a decent price? I've already forgotten most of them in favor of pining over the new list of things I want and will not buy for myself.

It's some kind of sick, beautiful cycle.

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I'm somewhat similar with the books...

I know I've mentioned it before but I'll give it another try.

The Orphan's Tales. Tales in the Night Garden and Cities of Coins and Spice, are well worth the time. It's a two book set, each book divided into two parts. I've detected a sort of seasonal frame-theme to the Arabian Tales-esque stories nested like matryoshka Russian dolls. They're lovely fairy tales with their own mythology and drawing on some non-standard (at least in the west) myth fair like the huldra and kappa, but all rewoven and reworked with a new twist.

A brief outline of a small part of the tale...
Snow, a pale girl, is from the city of Ajanabh. The city begins to die, and Snow leaves with her parents for the glacial North and the city of Muireann. When her parents die, her hair turns grey. The net-weaver Sigrid takes her in and tells her stories. Sigrid is from the far north, where she left her family to travel with three dog-headed monks to Al-a Nur, the City of Twelve Towers, the Dreaming City, or City of Light. In their story they tell of Ragnhild who was made pope in Shadukiam, a city to the east; she is the false Papess, Ragnhild the Black. Al-a-Nur elects Cveti, from the Hermaphrodite’s Tower, to the Papacy; s he became Ghyfran II. One of the dog-headed monks tell the story of another apostate Papess in the city of Shadukiam (that filthy banking metropolis with its Rose Dome...). They were sent to kill this new Black Papess, who turns out to be the old Ragnhild anew. There is a history and political situation between the Caliphate and Al-a-Nur. A necromancer boy from Shadukiam - Marsili - brings her back to life. The necromancer tells of being born a dwarf, and how he was bought by the Man Dressed in the Moon...

Um... wow... I need those books.

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