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The Question of Wednesdays
The Dime
This summer, Wednesdays have been spent at dance class from 5:30 - 7, and then over at the Angel's for Project Runway until Too Late.

My 12-week session of dance has come to a close, and now I want to make sure I get something back on my calender to keep me creative and active. The two things that interest me? Both on Wednesdays again.

Contact Improv (round 2) - this option is taking the class again; depending on who is in the class, it may be more of the same, it may be growing further.
Pros - fits in my budget
already know I can handle it, socially and physically
leaves half of Wednesday open for get togethers
keeps me physically active, as well as creatively
Cons - could be more of the same instead of new learning
has been a bit stressful, rushing from work, to dance, to Project Runway

Science Fiction/Fantasy writing class at the Loft - this would be a later class (7:30 - 9:30).
Pros - writing!
sci-fi fantasy taken seriously/not derided by more 'accepted' writers
even closer to my house than dance class - walkability
something different, but something I'm still passionate about
no need to rush from work to class
gets me home earlier, because cannot make real plans for aferwards
Cons - a little harder on the budget
means no more Project Runway gatherings
need to find way to stay physically active

Option 3 - doing both - theoretically possible with scheduling and locations
Pros - no need to choose!
staying physically active while adding a new outlet for creativity
all pros from above
Cons - way damaging to budget
hectic, hectic scheduling
no time to shower between dance and writing class - ew

The deadline is coming up - I just hope that this question doesn't leave me in a limbo where I end up doing nothing. Cause that would be a disappointment in myself.

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Sci Fi

Do the Sci Fi class. You can always DVR Project Runway and watch it on a different day.

It's the way I'm leaning... the biggest step is convincing myself that I can handle the cost of the class. I probably can, but what about emergency funds? What about catastrophic events or disastrous outcomes or apocalyptic occurrences?

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