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Shameless linking
Sluagh Rock
This is what I want to see in my movies. I tend to identify more with female villains than with male heroes - go figure.

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I'd really love to see Harley - I just have reservations about how to introduce her in a non-serial format.

In the cartoon, at least, she was more of a thematic element, perennially manipulated and abused. Gabe's got a great take on Harley Quinn if you ever get a chance to talk to him about it.

Could she sustain the weight of being made a full-fledged villain? I'm not sure. I can envision an implementation of her in the third movie, though, as sort of the exemplification of the ripple effect caused by the Joker's power play in Dark Knight - maybe as the recurring, can't-help-myself bad girl we all know and love? If not for Crane, introducing her as a staff member at Arkham who falls under the Joker's sway and acts out his plots while the real culprit laughs away, supposedly locked up and stripped of power. Maybe even after Crane they could do that. I mean, Arkham was practically a character in the series itself.

I completely concur with the problems of Harley in a non-serial format. She is a character almost defined by the ongoing, serial nature of her relationships, mainly with the Joker.

Plus, with the untimely death of Heath Ledger, who is synonymous with the Joker in this re-imaging, doing anything further that connects to the Joker needs to be done extremely carefully, or I'll hate it. Almost easier to just move on, sad as that is.

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