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A Body Well Trained
The Cardinal
Because of farewell celebrations involving the Nomad and Surprisingly USC, I was up drinking until 4 am this morning. Yet my body decided that 9 am was still a perfectly acceptable choice, nay, the only conceivable option for a time to wake up and start the day. Not really hung-over, but 5 hours of sleep? I'm gonna be paying for that later.

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I re-met someone, who reminds me so much of you, that I feel it hasn't been so long since I last saw you, and that we've had many heart-to-hearts as of late. But then I see your icon, and am heart-squeezed extra, since I remember how special you are.

It has been rumored that I have a doppelganger in the cities, though no one is too clear on whether it is in body or in personality. But I am happy to be present in your brain, if even as a shadow cast by a different candle.

Not in the cities, and it's more his personality than his looks.

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