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Nothing of an update
The Dime
Not much to say - work has dominated nearly all sections of my brain this week, except for brief respites for Contact Improv and visits with the Angel's family. 9, 9.5 hour days, and for two days straight, locked up in the 'war room' with the other testers to get our latest testing project done. The expectation was that we would be done early today, a reward for all our hard work earlier in the week. No such luck, at least for a few of us. I really need to look into using some of those PTO days I've got saved up.

A friend asked me what it was exactly that I "do" for my job. Got me thinking on many different avenues, but I came to the unhappy place that I may "do" a lot, but I really don't produce tangible results. I don't create objective product. I manage data, I solve problems, I document stuff. It's a strange realm of work. I produce nothing, but am highly valued for abstract qualities and actions. Just babbling, is all.